#8 Eight of Cups

Minor Arcana | Cups
Eight of Cups

Eight of Cups is a tarot card which belongs to Minor Arcana and Cups suit. Fortune telling properties of the card include: Someone's "stepping out" on you, now or in the near future. Maybe it's time to quit talking about the problem and just move on

Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Wanting something better. Blazing your own trail. Realizing there must be more to life. Leaving an unhealthy situation behind. Starting your own business. Going on a retreat. Seeking the "still, small voice"

Reversed Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Being implacable. Finding fault. Nitpicking. Refusing to settle down. Running away from problems or confrontations. Saying, "It's my way or the highway!". Harping on past mistakes and disappointments. Threatening to quit as a strategy to get your way

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Yes / No Tarot with Eight of Cups card

Questions you can ask from Eight of Cups card

  • What do I need to leave behind once and for all?
  • If I left in search of "more," what would I be looking for, exactly?
  • How might a retreat enhance my perspective?

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