#11 Page of Pentacles

Minor Arcana | Pentacles
Page of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles is a tarot card which belongs to Minor Arcana and Pentacles suit. Fortune telling properties of the card include: This card represents a young man or woman with an earthy, practical demeanor, likely born an Aries, Taurus, or Gemini, who playfully encourages you to take financial or sexual risks

Page of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Learning the value of a dollar. Starting a savings plan. Taking the first steps toward getting out of debt. Learning new physical tasks. Discovering your sexuality. Launching a diet, a weight-lifting program, or a health-related effort. Learning by doing

Reversed Page of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Trying to appear healthier or wealthier than you really are. Spending money carelessly. Living strictly for today, with no thought of tomorrow. Possessing immature attitudes toward sex and sexuality. Using wealth or beauty as an excuse for not having to learn and grow

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Questions you can ask from Page of Pentacles card

  • How can you get more financial or sexual experience without risking your livelihood or health?
  • How might hands-on learning play a role in your situation?
  • What's the most practical choice you could make?

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