#7 The Chariot

Major Arcana | Trump
The Chariot

The Chariot is a tarot card which belongs to Major Arcana and Trump suit. Fortune telling properties of the card include: Victory is a certainty. Move ahead with all plans. Beware the jealousy of others

The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

Breaking through barriers. Moving forward with confidence and authority. Reaching the pinnacle of success. Basking in the glory of achievement. Guiding an effort to total victory. Establishing yourself as a worthy leader

Reversed The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

Resting on laurels. Riding roughshod over the feelings or expectations of others. Focusing more on past successes than future opportunities. Failing to rein in impulsive behavior

The Chariot yes or no tarot

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Yes / No Tarot with The Chariot card

Questions you can ask from The Chariot card

  • To what extent have I arrived? What will my next challenge be?
  • How can I use past achievements to their best advantage?
  • What would the criteria for real and meaningful success be?

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