#21 The World

Major Arcana | Trump
The World

The World is a tarot card which belongs to Major Arcana and Trump suit. Fortune telling properties of the card include: Winning the lottery. Getting your heart's desire. Having everything you ever imagined having

The World Tarot Card Meaning

Having it all. Knowing and loving yourself as completely as possible. Seeing the interconnection of all things and people. Enhancing your perspective. Living life to its fullest. Understanding the meaning of life

Reversed The World Tarot Card Meaning

Allowing greed and envy to prevent you from enjoying what you do possess. Failing to see the larger design in ordinary events. Believing that everything that exists can be touched, counted, or measured. Failing to see the divine reflected in those around you

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Questions you can ask from The World card

  • For me, what would having it all mean?
  • How aware am I of my own connectedness to the world around me?
  • What keeps me from having it all right now, today?

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